Veliki Tabor castle


Veliki Tabor castle is located in the northwest of Croatia, in Croatian Zagorje, near Desinić. It is one of the most preserved medieval places and representative of Croatian late medieval architecture.

The beauty of late gothic- renaissance architecture is an ornament of the picturesque landscape and for centuries leaves the visitors breathless.

The history is here intertwined with the legend – the Counts of Celje and beautiful Veronica of Desinić are the main actors of the love drama whose secret is kept within the walls of this castle.

Its name originates from the word „tabor“ which indicated a war camp, i.e. defence fortresses built by Turks.

The oldest part of the complex is the central tower, built for residential and defence purposes. Later on, during 16th century, four semi-circular towers were built and during 17th century premises near the north wall were annexed.

Veliki Tabor Castle was in the hands of many owners: the Counts of Celje (its earliest owners), Matija and Ivaniš Korvin, Rattkay family and famous Croatian painter Oton Iveković – he often painted the castle and its surroundings. In the beginning of the 90s of the 20th century, by the governmental decree, Veliki Tabor Castle was given to the Croatian Zagorje Museums and since then it serves as a museum and excursion site.

Veliki Tabor Castle


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