The idea to include the old village centre of Kumrovec in the protection of historical monuments project was born as early as 1947 when Marijana Gusic, the then head of the Zagreb Ethnographical Museum, made an ethnographic research of the Croatian Zagorje and wrote a study on the town of Kumrovec with the birth-place of Josip Broz as its most significant sight. The experts of the Zagreb Museum of Arts and Crafts restored the house to its original condition. Additionaly, the grounds were landscaped and in 1948 a monument to Josip Broz Tito by Antun Augustincic, academic sculptor, was erected in the courtyard.

Since 1992 the Staro Selo Museum has been run as a department of the Croatian Zagorje Museums with its headquarters in Gornja Stubica. The Staro Selo Museum is the only open-air museum in Croatia that is equipped with all facilities with which to justify its existence as a European open-air museum.


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