Plitvička jezera National park


Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest and the most famous Croatian national park, proclaimed in 1949. It is located in the mountainus part of Croatia, in the south part of Mala Kapela mountain chain. Plitvice Lakes represent specific geological and hydrological karst phenomenon composed of cascading series of lakes, 16 in total. Constnts growth of tufa  causes the formation of barriers which create new waterfalls and cascades and keeps the shape and constancy of the lakes.

Lakes are coloured crystal blue and receive water from numerous rivers and streams. Large forest areas, exceptional natural beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, rich flora and fauna, mountain air and much more are part of the unique whole recognized also on the world level and included in the  UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979.

Plitvice Lakes are located near the road D1 Zagreb – Split and very good connected with the other parts of Croatia.

Distance: Zagreb – 150 km. Senj 60 km. Zadar – 120 km.


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