Medvedgrad is the old city (fortress) built in the 13th century after Tatars invasion, located on the Mali Plazir Hill, on the southwest slope of Medvednica mountain, at a height of 593 m. Medvedgrad was one of the biggest forts in Croaia.

Within the Medvegrad old city, you can find an early gothic chapel of St. Philip and Jacob and the monument called „Altar of the Homeland“, built in 1994 as a monument to soldiers in fallen the Croatian Homeland war.

The entrance to the city is from the north and in order to reach the residential part you need to pass outer gate, a long corridor and two other well-defended door as Medvegrad is surrounded by a double defence wall.

Inner part of the city can be divided in three parts: residential part in the north, defence tower in the south and the courtyard in between. St. Philip and Jacob`s chapel is located on the upper east side of town. Next to the chapel, there is a city well, preserved and in a very good condition even today. Of other commercial building, only the ruins remained. In the southern part of the city, you can find small tower which dominates the whole fort.

Nowadays Medvegrad is open for visitors and, besides the beautiful view of Zagreb, all history lovers can be part of the experience of the dark medieval period.


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